For stay home project "Cook yourself"

Who cook? You cook!
We suggest you cook OMU’s taste in your home, easy and cheep way. You are the best chef!
Youtube movies help you cook easily in your home. Stay home, stay safe, love family and enjoy good foods!

Cook yourself products

$15 Tentsuyu 1.8L

Udon soup
30 serve
$12 Uncooked Karaage 10P

Fresh or Frozen
$13 Teriyaki sauce 700ml

Teriyaki chicken or Tempura
28 serve
$10 Teriyaki sauce 500ml

Teriyaki Chicken or Tempura
20 serve
$13 Sushi zu 700ml
$10 Sushi zu 500ml
$13 Yukke sauce 700ml

Pork or Salmon
35 serve
$10 Yukke sauce 500ml

Pork or Salmon
25 serve
$10 Frozen Tempura set
2 x Prawn
1 x Okura
1 x Sweet potato
1 x Egg plant
1 x pumpkin
1 x Ingen
$8 Kewpie Mayonnaise
$6 240g Pork belly slice

Pork meal
2 serve
$6 Frozen Sanuki Udon

5 serve
$6 Natto tube 300g
$5 Potato Starch 500g

Approximately 100P karaage
$3 Tentsuyu with Onion

pork or chicken egg
2 serve

How to cook


Teriyaki Chicken don

Pork Egg don

Tempura don

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